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How does MortgageHippo help me get a home loan?
Who is Morty the Hippo?
What is the difference between a mortgage lender and a mortgage broker?
How is MortgageHippo different from traditional mortgage websites?
What is Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and how is it different from interest rate?
Should I choose an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) or a Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM)?
Do I need to provide my Social Security Number to use MortgageHippo?
What documents will I need to get approved for a mortgage loan?
What is loan-to-value or “LTV”?
What is private mortgage insurance (PMI)?
What is an FHA loan?
Does having a co-borrower help my mortgage application?
How do I evaluate different mortgage offers?
Will shopping around for a mortgage hurt my credit score?

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