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Getting a home loan has never been easier. With the wide range of lenders and mortgage products that MortgageHippo offers, we are confident that we can find a home loan for almost any situation. Whether you want to:

Buy a home with little to no down payment
Refinance your current mortgage
Get cash for your home’s equity
Consolidate debt
Renovate your home
Buy an investment property or second home
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Types Of Mortgage Loan Programs

There are many different types of mortgage products in the market. Home loans could be:

Fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage
Conventional loans or Government loans (FHA and VA)
Conforming loans or Jumbo loans (non conforming)
Home purchase or home refinance
First or second mortgage
Good credit or bad credit home loan (prime and subprime)

What you need to know before getting a home loan

The very first thing you should do is find out how much home you can afford and how much you qualify for.

You then need to compare different mortgage rates and terms from different lenders, which can easily be done by filling out our loan dashboard and seeing your personalized loan results. Some of the terms you’ll need to familiarize yourself with are:

Interest rate vs APR
Duration of the interest rate (does it adjust or is it fixed throughout the term of the mortgage?)
Term of the loan (is it 30 years, 15 years?)
Closing costs (what are the lender fees and third party fees?)
Are there pre-payment penalties or interest-only payments?
Do I have to pay mortgage insurance?

Keep in mind that mortgage rates change daily, and sometimes several times a day, so make sure when comparing home loan offers that you compare current rates (MortgageHippo updates them regularly so you won’t have to worry about that).

You can then select the lender you’d like to speak with to get preapproved for your home loan. We know this process may seem daunting but don’t worry, MortgageHippo will guide you through every step of the way.

We’ve written a very detailed mortgage process guide to let you know what you can expect throughout the mortgage process.

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