How It Works

Everything we do at MortgageHippo is designed to bring simplicity, transparency, and efficiency to an otherwise complicated home loan process. Learn more about our 3-step approach to mortgages and the technology that makes it possible.
3 Step Mortgage Process
1. Search and Compare Loans

We help you build a thorough loan profile so that you can see the most accurate loan programs and interest rates available from our partner-lenders. As you’re building your profile, you see the relevance and impact of each question on your loan results. Once your profile is complete and you are seeing personalized loan results, we provide you with the tools necessary to compare your loan options and choose the mortgage and lending partner that best meets your needs.

MortgageHippo Mortgage Process - Search and Compare Loans
2. Complete Your Mortgage Application

At this point we already have a lot of the relevant information from step #1, but now it’s time to dig in a little deeper. This is an important step because the information we capture here helps us build a personalized borrower portal for you and make sure that you have a smooth (surprise-less) loan closing process. Whether you need to get pre-qualified for a mortgage or actually start applying for your home loan, our smart platform will guide you through the process step by step and question by question.

MortgageHippo Mortgage Process - Calculate Your Home Affordability
3. Close Your Loan

Now that you have compared loans from multiple partner-lenders and completed your loan application, the rest of the process is more mechanical in nature. You’ll need to provide documentation, sign legal disclosures, etc. The key is to be as organized as possible. Your personalized Borrower Portal is there to guide you through it all. And of course your loan officer is also there for you any time you need to speak with someone.

MortgageHippo Mortgage Process - Find Mortgage Lender to Get Prequalified
Interactive Loan Dashboard
Mortgage Refinance Testimonial
Personalized Loan Results
Search and compare multiple loan programs from our partner-lenders. When you are ready, you can submit a contact request to have a professional loan officer call or email you to discuss your options further. You are in control the whole time.
Mortgage Refinance Testimonial
Mortgage Tools and Analyses
Our customers generally prefer to fully prepare themselves before speaking to a loan officer. To do this, we provide you with the necessary tools and information to make educated mortgage decisions. For example, will adding a co-borrower to your mortgage application help or hurt?
Mortgage Refinance Testimonial
Step-by-Step Process
Our unique approach to the mortgage process ensures that you never get lost. We guide you every step of the way. And remember to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if we can be helpful in any way.
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The Borrower Portal
Mortgage Refinance Testimonial
Your Home Loan Roadmap
Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your existing loan, your Borrower Portal is tailored to your specific mortgage situation to make sure you have a smooth and stress-free loan closing experience. Every step in the Borrower Portal is filled with valuable information to help you make educated mortgage decisions.
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What Customers Are Saying
“MortgageHippo is very different from other mortgage sites. It’s easy to navigate and very approachable. Plus, it makes you think about everything that needs to be considered before applying for a loan.”
Mickey O.
Cincinnati, OH
“MortgageHippo is extremely helpful and very simple to follow. I could forecast different outcomes where my savings/debt would be at a point in the future and determine whether I'm better off contributing the minimum student loan payment to build my down payment savings.”
Eric M.
Medford, MA
“Amazing how much you guys have simplified and improved the experience of going through the mortgage process. I can't wait to use it again when we buy our next investment property.”
Matt Z.
Chicago, IL

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