How We're Different

Want to know what's the most important part of the mortgage process? You. That has been the driving force behind MortgageHippo from the very beginning. If your specific needs are not being met, then the process is broken, and you'll end up with a bad mortgage experience and possibly a bad mortgage deal. Most mortgage companies still operate within this flawed business model. Homebuyers are often misguided, mistreated, and misinformed – we're here to change that.
A Responsible Approach

We don’t need to remind you of what happened when the housing market collapsed, but it’s our responsibility to never forget. When we set out to build this company, we did it under the strict, self-imposed principle that there would never be hidden agendas or any gray areas in our process. We operate within a transparent, unbiased system that was designed with your best interests in mind. Think of us as a personal guide who has the incredibly important task of keeping you safe, informed, and assured throughout the mortgage process.

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A Smarter Interview Process

The most common complaints about the traditional mortgage process are the incredible amount of wasted time and the unexpected surprises. Truth is this can all be avoided by doing a thorough job of asking the right questions at the right time. We’ve created a smart, intuitive, fully automated tool that eliminates guesswork and human error to offer you a hassle-free home buying experience. By spending a little more time asking and answering the right questions upfront, we guarantee a smoother, more rewarding home buying experience throughout.

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A Shift In Perspective

Offering a truly different approach required questioning the established system. With MortgageHippo, YOU are in control of the mortgage process. You are no longer at the mercy of companies who profited from your confusion instead of taking the time to guide you. When you go through our process, you answer relevant questions about your needs at your own pace, and you can remain anonymous until you decide to share your personal information. You don’t even need to sign up to start seeing real and personalized loan results (no teaser quotes here). Plus, it’s you who decides when to talk to one of our friendly Mortgage Guides.

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